Shadow Chapter is still alive and being updated.  We even have a few mods in the works to be released in the pack.  Gregtech is slated to eventually be replaced by a more interesting tech mod (advanced machinery) and galacticcraft is set to be replaced by advanced rocketry.  Both under heavy development and Advanced rocketry is soon entering early alpha!  More info about the pack here:

As a few of the night-owls may know our services went down unexpectedly early this morning (11/15 approx. 2AM and again at 4AM).  We do not know exactly why it happened and no anomalies were logged.  We contacted the data center and they did not see anything unusual either.  There were two known corrupted files which have since been restored from backups.  Disk scan came up with no errors and we presume that the two corrupted files were open when the machine crashed.  Things are running smoothly now and we do not foresee any more disturbances.

Sorry for the delay, but a lot of us have been very busy with things other than minecraft so the 1.7.10 update is taking longer than normal.  Zerotheliger has volunteered to help with construction of the new Shadow Chapter 1.7.10 and so far looks like he’s doing a very good job and has sped the process up considerably.

With the failure of Shadow Chapter 1.6.4 not qualifying for public listing on the FTB launcher the 1.7.10 update of Shadow Chapter has been rebuilt from the ground up.  Some of the shortcomings of the 1.6.4 version that we hope to have fixed are as follows:

  • Was very similar to other tech modpacks currently on the launcher
  • Certain ores were too easy to find and others too hard.
  • Load time was very long
  • Took a lot of memory to run (1.25GB+ for client)

To rectify these issues we cut out a lot of unnecessary mods as well as adding few new ones.  Shadow Chapter 1.7.10 now by default uses the new Gregtech ore generation system to give us and other server admins greater control over ore spawn as well as making some ores difficult to find.

As always in addition to the pack being very fun to play our focuses also still remain on stability and ease of administration.

If you want to help test the beta just talk to me (Zmaster, DragonLord88, Dmodoomsirius, or zerotheliger) or any of the staff on the teamspeak 3 server at!



Things other than minecraft prevented the update for a longer time, got a new helper, lot has changed since 1.6.4.

Shadow Chapter and RotaryCraft


Quick-Read: Rotarycraft is not being removed in the next update!

Recently I have been telling to people we were going to remove RotaryCraft from the Shadow Chapter modpack.  Last minute I had cancelled the normal Thursday update to buy a bit more time.  After remembering the straw poll we had set up here.  I saw that the majority of people did not want it removed.  A bit of testing later we found that the latest version appears to have many of the fixes we are looking for.  Because of this and first-hand feedback, we have reversed the decision to remove RotaryCraft.


Quick-Read: !@#$ happens

About a week ago there had apparently been an issue that required the removal of all RotaryCraft Machines.  As of the time of writing, Shadow Chapter is still in a semi-stable beta state.  Things like that may still happen but will be extremely rare.


Quick-Read: Help advertise Shadow Chapter.  Tell your friends!

One objective of the Shadow Chapter modpack is to become a listed 3rd party pack on the Feed The Beast launcher.  The requirements of which are to be: 1. popular 2. unique 3. have a dedicated support team.  Unfortunately, as of right now, the pack is by no means popular.  To meet that first objective, we need help.

Enhanced world

We are going to release another modpack either today – the weekend pay attention. To the website and forums for updates.