[BLOG] Shadow Chapter and RotaryCraft

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[BLOG] Shadow Chapter and RotaryCraft

Postby zmaster587 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:15 pm

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Quick-Read: Rotarycraft is not being removed in the next update!

Recently I have been telling to people we were going to remove RotaryCraft from the Shadow Chapter modpack.  Last minute I had cancelled the normal Thursday update to buy a bit more time.  After remembering the straw poll we had set up here.  I saw that the majority of people did not want it removed.  A bit of testing later we found that the latest version appears to have many of the fixes we are looking for.  Because of this and first-hand feedback, we have reversed the decision to remove RotaryCraft.

Quick-Read: !@#$ happens

About a week ago there had apparently been an issue that required the removal of all RotaryCraft Machines.  As of the time of writing, Shadow Chapter is still in a semi-stable beta state.  Things like that may still happen but will be extremely rare.

Quick-Read: Help advertise Shadow Chapter.  Tell your friends!

One objective of the Shadow Chapter modpack is to become a listed 3rd party pack on the Feed The Beast launcher.  The requirements of which are to be: 1. popular 2. unique 3. have a dedicated support team.  Unfortunately, as of right now, the pack is by no means popular.  To meet that first objective, we need help.

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